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  As reported recently by the BBC, almost half of office-working women (45 percent) and slightly fewer men (37 percent) spend fewer than 30 minutes daily on their feet. In fact, a majority even eat their lunch without ever leaving their workspace and this type of inactivity is taking its toll on their health. Ultimately, this has led to an initiative called Get Britain Standing and one way they recommend that you achieve that goal is by building your own standing desk. Just making this one little change to the way you do your daily work can lower your risk...

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As opposed to quadrupeds, whose vertebral columns hang like the chains on a suspension bridge, humans generally stand upright with the vertebral bones loaded one on top of another, divided by rubbery disks. The benefit we gain from our vertical posture and free use of the arms and hands is accompanied by the drawback of having our intervertebral disks under compressive force even when we are simply upright, sitting, hiking, or running, and under even more compressive force when we are lifting and carrying heavy things. When we are in a standing situation, any force we apply with the upper...

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Increasing fitness helps your health.

The toughest concepts of fitness training and better health are unspoken of, most people tend to think to much about changing their lifestyle and don’t focus on fitness, sport and health. To increase your fitness you need to stop think and just acting. To help you eliminate negative thought patterns you need to act on them fast. The biggest and most common...

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How does the Swiss ball work?This great Swiss Ball is awesome to use in the Gymnic Home , Office or you can even use to watch TV. The Swiss ball is  Anti Burst simply place  on the floor,  sit on the ball and you begin exercising. The slightly unstable base improves your posture, prevents slouching and stops prolonged stress on the structures of the lower back. Birthing balls are recommended use during pregnancy to help make the process of giving birth much easier for the expectant mother. The ball is burst resistant quality. Receive ball with pump & Instruction guide....

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