How to lose weight on a vegan diet

How to lose weight on a vegan diet - Fitness Health


"How to lose weight?", "What is described as unwanted fat?", "What is a vegan diet?" et cetera, these are some of the questions that are currently trending on the Internet.

Somehow, it has become a "fad" to lose weight, even if you do not need to. The important thing is that you should lose unwanted weight by following a diet that doesn't make you starve.

One diet that you can go for is the Vegan Food Pyramid.

The Vegan Food Pyramid happens to be a good starting point for those people who have just shifted to a vegan diet with the aim of losing weight.

Go for the lower serving amounts listed in the Pyramid. For example, 3 cups of whole grains and such.

  1. Keep Dairy Products In

Do not eliminate dairy products, for instance, cheese from your daily diet. People going "vegan" can still consume such products. The important thing for you to keep in mind is that one should maintain equilibrium between dairy products and vegan food. This is because dairy products also provide us with healthy nutrients and proteins necessary for our body.

  1. Consume Vitamin B

Vitamin B is an important component in whole grains which is crucial to the body. Thus, to lose weight on a vegan diet, it is important that one does not eliminate whole grains from their consumption diet.

  1. Go for Whole Grains

You should understand that refined grains are not good when losing weight; you have to choose from whole grain foods. These whole grain foods contain essential carbohydrates that maintain blood sugar and thus help in reducing weight.

  1. Natural Sugar

Moreover, do not cut back on your sugar intake as it is very necessary to maintain optimal levels of sugar in your body. A lack of sugar would not help in reducing weight on a vegan diet.

Furthermore, when going on a vegan diet, people get rid of soft drinks and other fizzy substances and bring in loads of cartons of packaged and processed juices. The fact remains that drinking processed juices will lead to gaining weight.

Thus, when going on a vegan diet to lose some fat, it is better to eat fruit as it is or drink fresh fruit juice and not the packaged one.

  1. All the Greens

Intake of greens is an important part when discussing how to lose weight on a vegan diet. Foods such as kale, collard/mustard/turnip greens, and broccoli provide vital nutrients to your body, for instance, calcium, which is needed to lose weight.

  1. Drink Water

Your water intake should be 6-12 (8 ounces) glasses per day. Consuming all those grains and vegetables, (some of which are not rich in water) would be compensated in this way, hence allowing one to reach their goal of losing weight through a vegan diet.

  1. Consume Nuts

A vegan diet also comprises of the consumption of nuts. Nuts contain the healthy fats needed by our body, also, apart from that they are rich in protein fibers which help in losing weight through a vegan diet.

  1. Add Some Exercise

Thus, when losing weight through a vegan diet, it is highly advisable that one should combine exercise and diet for better results and a healthy maintenance of your body.

You should incorporate aerobic and weightlifting exercises in your daily schedule. This will not only help you unwanted weight but will also help you feel active and reach your overall health goals.

Furthermore, one should not completely rely on their weighing scales too much. Losing weight will take time and daily checking your weight can make you eat less than before in hopes of hastening the weight loss process. However, doing so can lead to weakness and a lower immune system.


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