Why do we need energy drinks ?

Energy drinks are hugely popular today with many people buying high energy sports drinks for exercising. Over the past eight years we have seen the energy drinks market sales grow rapidly. Sports drinks companies like 'Powerade' or 'Red Bull' are becoming hugely successful. Yet most people who buy these drinks are not aware of the real use for these sports drinks ir what affects they have on the body.

So what are these drinks and when or how they should we use them?

Energy sports drinks have one main objective and that is to help us keep our glycogen levels topped up.

Glycogen helps us produce and supply all important energy around the body, it replenishes our muscles and helps maintain correct energy storage.

Why do we need energy drinks?

Below you will find four answers why you should or should'nt be drinking exercise drinks.

Yes, if your workout consists of an hour or more of continuous exercise.

Yes, if you are looking for better performance on cardiovascular workouts.

No, if you are exercising for less than an hour.

No, if you are targeting weight loss.

Please refrain from using the energy drinks for health reasons. Drink high energy drinks can caused diabetes and can promote other health risks later in life.

Energy drinks contain high levels of sugar and caffeine, and should only consume a maximum two drinks per day. 


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