Strengthening the body


One of the best ways to strengthen the whole body is with body weight exercises.

Exercises like pull ups, press ups and tricep dips are still hugely successful and are often the base exercises for all new body weight training programs being released today. Programs like the P90x and TRX  mostly focus on body weight exercises, using the TRX system is an purely amazing new approach to the way we look at exercise.

Suspension training fitness reverses the way we think about fitness instead of lifting heavy metal weights, we exchange our body weight in different positions making us able to achieve much more natural strength. A totally strength toned body is someone who can lift themselves in any direction and movement at any time, much like a professional gymnast.

The skeletal system (bones and joints)  are often strengthened better with weight-bearing activities like long distance running and rowing. These activities can also assist in reducing the risk of osteoporosis helping the slow down and the progress of the disease.


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