Guide to good running seven steps

A fitness health guide to running.

Easy to follow a few easy pointers which we have put together to help you use the correct running  mechanics. Which can help improve running times,speed and prevent injury.

Seven steps for running

1. Always run on the balls of your feet, make sure that your heels don’t touch the floor placing most of your weight on your toes.

2. Don’t be heavy footed, Keep your feet as light as possible with your foot gripping and pushing the ground.

3. Keep a bend in the knee at all times, make sure your hips are directly positioned over your feet when making contact with the ground.

4. Allow your lower back to relax, find the correct rhyme  with your stride keep the same distance with ever step.

5.Relax your running and concentrate on breathing in and out, find the pattern comfortable for you. I breath in every 4 steps and then breath out 4 steps when running long distance.

6. Relax your shoulders and concentrate on your arm work, keep a 90 degree bend in the arms. Swinging back and fore from your shoulders.

7. Keep your head up, eyes looking forwards throughout the run.

This guide is great for improving race times and active sports. Even training the arms can have a huge effect on the body. Once the body begins to follow with movement you can feel more comfortable and achieve much more .

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