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We all need new ways to help us grow healthier, here are some helpful healthy tips on avocados and honey.

Avocados can save you from heart disease.

Eat more avocados and lower your cholesterol, an avocado contains oliec acid,  oliec acid is what helps raise levels of HDLs (high-density lipoproteins) while reducing LDLs (low-density lipoproteins)  also know as bad cholesterol.
The HDLs are very important for our body, they help lower this risk of heart disease and are good aid for our body’s system, other ways to raise HDLs in the body can be by increasing exercise, omega 3, fibre or fish.

Honey is naturally better than sugar.

Use honey instead of sugar, white sugar should be kept to a minimum, these sugars often contain many bad substances.Honey, Raw untreated honeys is a good substitute from normal sugar.Bees play a huge part in the colour and taste of honey, depending on the pollen from different flowers obtained, depends on the sweetness and unique taste of the honey.
  • Combined simple sugars glucose & fructose are in the contents of natural honey.
  • Good for sore throats, coughs, sores on mouths & lips also stomach ulcers
  • Can be applied to wounds or burns for treatment.

Honey will keep the good natural sweetness with glucose, containing Vitamin b, ridoflavin, fructose and monosaccharides

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