What is Superset training







The most common type of superset training is when two opposing muscle groups are worked on without rest between sets.

An example of this training would be Biceps & triceps,  these arm muscles are opposite each other, its important to keep balance in the body.

Superset training can be very time efficient. allow 2-3 minutes rest after each super set, this is aimed at improving your strength, stamina and overall anaerobic threshold.

Another way of superset training is very intense and involves two or move exercises on the same muscle group, this style is excellent for hypertrophy, people whom use this style of training should be aware that it could lead to burnout and should not be used in every session.

These methods of superset training should only be used with advanced trainers, you should not use the method of training if you have high blood pressure or are new to weight lifting.

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