Minerals Sources Involved with
Sodium Salt, cheese, organ meat & fish Neuromuscular transmission ( nerve conduction) fluid & acid balance
Potassium Meat, milk, vegetables, cereals & nuts Neuromuscular transmission ( nerve conduction) fluid & acid balance
Calcium Milk, cheese, nuts, bread & green vegetables Bone, tooth structure, nerve conduction & blood clotting prevention
Magnesium Green vegetables, dairy produce, meats & cereals Neuromuscular transmission < bone formation, enzyme reactions- energy metabolism
Phosphorus Grains & cereals, meats , milk and green vegetables Bone, tooth formation, energy metabolism
Iron Nuts, seeds, organ meat, eggs & green vegetables Hemoglobin & myoglobin formation
Zinc Muscle meats, seafood & green vegetables Enzyme synthesis
Copper Shell fish, organ meat, nuts, legumes & chocolate cocoa Enzyme synthesis
Iodine Seafood, eggs, dairy produce Thyroid function
Fluoride Seafood, water & tea Tooth structure
Maganese Nuts, dried fruit cereals/ grains & tea Enzyme synthesis
Chromium Meat ,dairy products & eggs Glucose & insulin metabolism
Selenium Seafood, organ meats & grains Anti-oxidant ( membranes) electron transfer


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