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Important breathing patterns for running

Posted by Rene Harwood on



Try helping your breathing patterns, in every sport rhyme of breathe is essential. The reason for this is easy, oxygen transports  fuel around the body, also it helps remove any bi-product waste from the muscles. Breathing whilst running, here are some pointers to look for

  • find your pattern
  • every two steps inhale
  • then two alternate and exhale
You can choose to do this routine every one, two, three or four steps. Focus when breathing all sports. Concentrate on loosening your facial muscles, take deep breaths through your mouth as this will allow more oxygen flow into your body and muscles, also helps by giving you a more relaxed feeling when training. Concentrate on breathing through your stomach rather than your chest, as this can increase your   abdominal function and can allow your breathing and increase volume of oxygen. This at the same time this will work your abdominal's whilst running, incorporating more muscle action into the movement.