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For any kind of workout to be successful, you need to provide your body with the required amount of fuel. The time at which you take in this fuel majorly decides how effective your workout is. Eating right before running can lead to stomach cramps which can slow the person down. Meanwhile, if you don’t get enough calories then you might not have the energy to run the duration you want. Don’t forget, eating after running is also vital since it helps the body in building stamina for the next run. The food also enables the body to refill the...

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Are you a runner who is looking for some apps to keep you on track and motivated? Do you want to know the best ones to use so you don’t have to waste your time sitting in a chair searching,when you’d rather be pounding the pavement (or dirt track)? You’re in luck! Here are the top five running apps on the market right now: 1. Couch to 5k If you’re new to running, this is a great app for you. Over the course of nine weeks, a coach of your choice will create a program that helps you meet your running goals in a safe and effective training manner. It will play your favorite playlist andlog your running distance...

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