Summer fitness protein smoothie.


Summer smoothie recipes


Recipe makes 2- 3 servings.

Add more almonds for extra protein, for each table spoon of almonds you get 4 grams of extra protein.

  • 1  Banana , 78kcal
  • 5  Ripe strawberries, 70kcal
  • 1  Cup Ice
  • 1 Tea spoon honey, 50 Kcal
  • 200 grams  yoghurt’s  plain 78kcal
  • 1/2 Melon, 75kcal
  • 1  Peaches , 61kcal
  • 2 Table spoons almonds – 8 grams protein 90 kcal

Total calories – 509 kcals (when serving 2 people 254 kcals per serving)


  1. First rinse all fruit. Core the peach and cut into small cubes. Peel the banana and cut into large pieces and cut the outer part of the watermelon and slice leave the seeds inside.
  2. Place ice then banana,strawberries, peach , watermelon, almonds, yoghurt and ice cubes.
  3. Add 1 tsp of honey for more sweetness then blend until smooth
  4. Place into glass and serve

Best to drink your smoothie within 10 minutes after blending! If you don’t the mixture of nutrients will absorb one another.

  • Apricots and strawberries  are a  good source of magnesium, as well as containing significant amounts of vitamin C and Vitamin B1, pineapple contains high fructose sugars so its great for energy.
  • Bananas are a valuable source of potassium, vitamin B6 and high in vitamin C.
  • Melon consists mostly of water 92% and its great for summer smoothies.
  • We have added almonds to this recipes as the seeds are a high source of protein and contain high levels of healthy essential fats.
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