Getting Back into It Gym Workout


This is my getting back into the gym workout. Simple short workout took me 23 minutes to complete. I found this workout just right for getting back in the gym after a few weeks holiday break. It's important not too burn out, try keeping it simple and allow time to recover, making sure you complete the exercises correctly. I am always working on form, you can never be 100% perfect. Shoulders back throughout every exercise. I took less break time, you should always be in control of every movement. If form fails stop and take a breather. 

Remember to warm up and stretch before and after every workout. This will prevent injuries from happening. Also keep you body hydrated with water every few minutes. 


Exercise Weight Reps  Sets Rest 
Press Ups   Bodyweight  8 3 -
SandBag Squats  15 kg + Bodyweight  8 3 -
Skipping  - 1 minute 3 -
Bicep Curls - Resistance Band 15 kg  20 3 30 seconds 
Bench Press  80 kg  8 3 -
Farmers Walk 40 kg - 20 kg each arm  8 x 20 meters 3
SandBag Lunge  15 kg + Bodyweight  8 (both sides ) 3 -
Chin Up  80 Kg  (bodyweight) 8 3

1-2 minutes (every round)



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