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  Typically, a lot of pre-season training articles talk about the exercises you can do to get your body back into top game shape. However, what you eat is just as critical to your sports-related success. In other words, having a diet that includes certain foods can help take you one level higher, making it easier to complete your workouts and pre-season training sessions. What foods are these? Here are some that are essential for a performance maximizing plan: Lean meats. By eating lean meats while in pre-season, you are supplying your body with top quality proteins necessary to building...

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The process through which the musculoskeletal system is strengthened by using heavy resistances exercises is known as strength training. Strength training is also known as body building/sculpting, resistance training and weight training/lifting. Strength Training – its Benefits 1)      Muscle fibers become stronger and increase in size. 2)      Bones, tendons and ligaments become increase density, this helps reduce risks from injuries like sprains or breaks 3)      Decreases risks from suffering bone diseases like osteoporosis or arthritis  4)      Strength training increases the metabolism and body fitness level. It also enhances our physical appearance.   How to go about building strength?...

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