Exercise Band Set 11 pcs - FH Pro Advanced Resistance

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FH Pro Advanced Resistance band  set offers a wide selection of strength training routines. Adding these band to your workout can be extremely effective. 


FH Pro set contains;


Band colours and strengths 

1 Yellow BAND – Extra Light 10 lbs
1 Blue BAND – Light 16 lbs
1 Red BAND – Medium 25lbs
1 Green BAND – Heavy 30 lbs
1 Black BAND – Extra Heavy 35 lbs


    The following attachments are made from nylon webbing and also included with the training set;


    2 Ankle Straps - 20 cm long 
    1 Door Anchor - 17 cm long 
    2 Foam handles - 12 cm Handle Length
    1 Fitness Health Bag - 9 length x 6 inches width


      When using these bands you can produce great results,  not just muscle strength but balance, agility and muscle power. Combining the whole band set you can deliver a staggering 150 lbs resistance. By using resistance this  set you can use a combination of 30 different weight loads.

      Foam handles are for mostly upperbody workouts.

      Ankle straps are for more lower body and abdominal workouts.  

      Door Anchor is used for indoor workouts.





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