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FH Marker Sports Agility Cones 5, 10 ,25, 50 Sets

FH Marker Sports Agility Cones 5, 10 ,25, 50 Sets

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Product Features:
  • Marker Sports Agility Team Training Cones  for sports footwork and agility drills
  • Recommended for play activities in the garden, these cones are made from quality plastic material
  • Weather-resistant these heavier cones than competitors making sure these won't fade or get blown over.
  • 6cm in height and 18 cm circumference 
  • Quality Guaranteed - 90-day warranty

 Set of 5 cones - 1 cones of each colour  without stand 

 Set of 10 cones - 2 cones of each colour  without stand 

Set of 25 cones - 5 cones of each colour without stand 

Set of 50 cones  - 10 cones of 5 different colours complete with stand 

Cone colours:

Red , Blue, Orange, White and Yellow 

Item Description:

MULTI-PURPOSE USE: Not just a single-use! These training cones can be used for all the exercise and warm-up purposes. These are mainly used by sportspersons, football teams, sports athletic teams and sports trainers, etc., Football, hockey, and rugby players use this for a perfect run over and to train their leg muscles for running

Quality remains the same! Made with excellent quality plastic material, our cones ensure a safe warm-up and exercise experience. Make your money worthful by owning the quality products which give a long day’s use. Our football training equipment cones are highly durable and non-toxic which is safe to use

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