Speed Agility Guide for Overspeed Sports Team Training

 Overspeed Sports Team Increase - Strength, power and speed 


Fitness health has taken time to review products and put together packages specifically for speed development training. Fully Qualified Personal trainer & Speed reaction development coach - Rene Harwood  has prepared training packages for teams, trainers and athletes.

Speed Training Products
Speed chutes

Chutes are ideal for sprint training helping increasing your own speed It develops your resistance with the natural element of wind training.  Speed chute training assists in the activation of your fast twitch muscle fibres. These fast twitch muscle fibres are effective with training overall speed, power, balance and stamina. Exercising with power chutes promotes high energy power output with fast coordination which gives you the ability for sudden speed and sprint burst.


Kinetic bands

Using resistance leg bands can be the best way to increase your speed, strength and  explosive movements all that the same time. Adding resistance to your movements not only strengthens but activates more muscle fibres when exercising with the leg bands.  Using the leg bands in every direction you can be sure that train and strength the right muscles in all the important places.

improve my side step. I would first start with the side lunges, exercise in my workout. Then I would progression with with jumps and directional movement. After this stage is complete then I would look at using the leg bands to increase resistance in the movement.


Speed Ladders

Speed ladder drills are about quality and form. The drills are not meant to exhaust you but are meant to activate and increase your brains reaction helping your muscles move faster.

It's always best to perform drills at the beginning of the session as your muscles will be fresh and more alert ensuring good quality of movement.

Sprint harness

Sprint speed resistance harness training uses the training concept of  holding you back while you sprint,  this is so that when the resistance is removed your body’s muscles will still activate and fire faster.

The affect from the harness training helps increase the resistance and specify the training set ideally for rugby players.  As the harness  represents the opposition tackler this can help increase strength and power making the player burst through the challenge. By adding a ball and pass whilst training can be also increase the specific movements for the player.



All training has to be specific for the sport. If you are a sports player and you want to increase your speed first you need to know the distance for your sprint. What’s the distance you want to improve 20 or 30 yard sprints ? or maybe 100m sprints ?


Where does you team need to improve?


Knowing what you want to achieve in detail is essential for speed training. Once you figure out the distance then start using the chute. Always exercise with the interval training technique! keep changing the distances for example.


Important Sprinting Technique
  • Head up
  • Eyes looking forward
  • Arm drive
  • Shoulders back
  • Foot strike to ground