Knee Raises Lower Ab Floor Exercise



Muscles incorporated in exercise ; Upper and lower Abdominal, hip flexors .


1. Lay down on the floor bend your knees at a 90 degrees keeping your feet off the floor . Bring your knees together and maintain position throughout exercise.

2.Bring your knees towards your chest, raising your hips off the floor, raising your knees halfway making you form a 90 degree right angle with your legs as shown in picture position 2 .

3.Once you’ve reached the right angle count 2 seconds then bring your feet back to the floor. Make sure that throughout the exercise you keep your legs in the same position.


  • Beginner 2-6
  • Intermediate 10-16
  • Advanced 20-30

Training tips

If you find this exercise too easy  you can complete the same exercise with straightened  legs instead of bent. This will add more weight to the exercise. If with straightened leg the exercise its too easy, then complete the exercise with a weights on your feet. You can add a bag with books for example to increase the weight on your feet.   



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