Best Exercises for Tennis Success


Whether you’re new to the world of tennis or have been serving the ball across the net for years, there are some exercises you can do that will help improve your game. That’s right. Perform a few of these tennis enhancing moves and you’ll be able to outplay your opponent, even if that opponent is you!

Exercise #1: Medicine Ball Slam Downs

Having enough oomph to send the ball sailing across the top of the net (especially when you’re serving) requires arm muscles that are firm and tone, which is where medicine ball slam downs come in. Simply hold a weighted medicine ball above your head with both hands and then slam it down into the floor as hard as you can.

Exercise #2: Medicine Ball Side Throws

Of course, the next most valuable move is to hit the ball when it comes back to you, in which you will probably be standing sideways to the net or wall. To make this move easier, simply stand sideways to a wall and use the arm furthest from it to hurl the medicine ball in it. Although it goes without saying, make sure the wall can withstand the force by choosing one that is made of brick or some other hard surface.

Exercise #3: Squats

The stronger your legs are, the faster you are able to move and the more balance you will have. Therefore, you’re going to want to perform squats to build up your thigh and hamstring muscles. Don’t forget to do one legged versions for an even better training response.

Exercise #4: Sprints

Because you’re going to have to dart back and forth across the court, sprints are the obvious choice when it comes to cardio training. They mimic the bursts of energy and speed that you’ll need during your game, making you more than ready for your next tennis session.

Do these four exercises regularly and prepare to have a tennis match worthy of awards. Well, one that you have the chance of winning anyway.



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