fitness hitt workout total body 45 minutes

Fitness HITT Workout Total body 45 minutes

This is my workout today for 45 minutes in total. I first completed a general warmup and stretch off before this workout. The aim to raise my heart and prepare my muscles for this routine. 

Exercise Equipment Weight Reps Sets
Frist round
Chest Press Barbell 60kg 10 3
Floor throws Slam Ball 3kg 10 3
Single Arm Rows Battle Rope 50mm 10 3
2 minutes Rest
Second round
Incline Press Barbell 60kg 10 3
Step Up 60 cm Weighted Vest 10kg 10 3
Double Arm Rows Battle Rope 50mm 10 3
3 minutes Rest
Third round
Lat Pulldown Cable Machine 50kg 10 3
Wall Ball Shots Wall Ball 5kg 10 3
Bent over rows dumbbells 15kg 10 3
Cool down 4 minutes
Stretch off 5 minutes

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