10 ways to get your body in shape for the beach

10 ways to get your body in shape for the beach - Fitness Health

 10 ways to get your body in shape for the beach

With summer around the corner, you may be starting to plan your holidays. For those who are going somewhere hot and sunny, they will want to get into shape for the swimsuit season and build up their fitness, after a long winter of inactivity. Read on to find out how you can get beach body ready:

Work on your posture

We can often slouch without realising it, which is bad for posture. It adds inches to your stomach and makes you look smaller in stature. Try standing up with a straight back and keep your shoulders back, which will shift your weight evenly on your hips. You will appear taller and thinner in the mirror.

Drink more fluids

Not drinking enough water can make your skin look puffy, due to water retention under the skin. Try avoiding alcohol and caffeine for the next three days, and drink up to eight glasses of water each day instead. This will help to define your muscles, and make you look toned and thinner.

Exercise more

Any exercise you do in the run up to summer counts, so always make the effort to move more. Try a dance class or dance to your own music. Take the stairs instead of the lift, or go for a run. Doing exercise will help you achieve your dream body.

Avoid carbohydrates

Just do this for a few days. Then your body will start burning fat if it can’t burn carbs for energy. Eat vegetables and proteins, like eggs and fish, and aim to eat six small meals every day if you feel more hungry. Fruit is good but you must only eat two pieces every day because of the sugar content. To let your body digest it properly, aim to eat it before 2.pm.

Do press-ups

This exercise targets six muscles at a time, including the triceps, abs and biceps. If you’re new to this workout, do them with bent knees at first and get a personal trainer to keep an eye on your technique. If you have any health conditions, seek your doctor’s advice before you try a new workout regime.

Get more sleep

Your body replaces everything it loses during the day as you sleep, so aim to get up to eight hours of sleep a night. Your body also works hard to make sure it digests food as quickly as possible.

Be aware of salads

Salad can make you feel fuller and prevent you from snacking on fattier foods later on. However, some salads have a high calorie count, including cheese, dressings and oils.

Salads with pepper and spinach are the best option as they’re low in fat.

Cut out salt

Salt can make you feel bloated and give you a puffy look. To avoid this, steer clear of canned food and only eat foods that are fresh. If you’re dining out, ask to have sauce on the side of your meal. Eating small meals during the day will also help you to avoid feeling bloated.

Do squats

These work out your thighs and bottom. To do these, pretend you’re sitting on a chair against a wall. Make sure your feet are hip-width apart, your thighs are parallel to the floor and tense your abs to keep your back straight. Try doing three sets of 12 reps. When you get stronger, try using dumbbells to boost the intensity.


Rowing is a great workout for the back and arms, and you can do them with resistance bands. Sit on the floor with a straight back and knees bent. First, lean forward to grasp the band and exhale while you pull it backwards. Inhale as you go forwards and straighten your arms. Do up to three sets of 8-12 reps.

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