5 best equipment tools for outdoor agility training drills


To keep oneself healthy, one needs to exercise on a daily basis. You can do indoor exercising, but what if one doesn’t wish to do indoor exercising neither wants to go to the gym? Rather, he wishes to do some outdoor drilling, which most of the people prefer due to fresh air and climate conditions. Therefore, they choose parks and grounds for drilling.

But one must require some equipment tools that can help them perform various types of outdoor exercises. So, below are described the Five Best Equipment Tools for Outdoors Agility Training Drills. Let’s have a look at the details.

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Flat Disc Markers

One of the five best equipment or tools that can be used for outdoor agility drills are Flat Disc Markers. These markers can be used as the finishing points of a run or as the stop marks for the exercises that require quick movement. A soccer player uses these flat markers for their training drills like fast movement session and quick reaction or response training. Ordinary people can use the same discs for outdoor exercises like running.

These flat rubber markers have a benefit over the plastic cone that is you can run over them when allowing them to lay flat on the ground. Moreover, if you are practicing for a soccer match with a ball, you can perform the dodge exercise while playing with the football.

Flat Disc Markers are available in different colours, with different exercise symbols or icons printed over them. Place the discs to specify the area for a specific drill.

Elevated Speed Ladder

Next in the row comes Elevated Speed Ladder. The elevated ladder is helpful for improving leg movements, i.e., bending and stretching abilities. You can take it to any park or ground and begin the drill. It is more fun working with a Speed Ladder as it leads you to an enhanced ability to perform the tasks like ascending and descending of a mountain, and also it allows you to tackle with the force of gravity (to some extent). While laying it down on the floor, you can use to perform some balance building exercises.

Elevated Speed Ladders are available with different heights and lengths. Choose according to your energy level. Using this, you can perform different hurdle drills, jumps, shuffle, balance maintaining drills, and single-leg hops and so on.

Sports Agility Marker Saucer Cones

Saucer cones come as a beneficial tool for outdoor drills. With the saucer cones, you can perform some of the drills you use to do with flat discs and plastic cones. That is, you can practice hurdle drills, jumps, running, etc using Sports Agility Marker Saucer Cones. Same as you can perform more footwork and agility exercises like random spot reaching and quick reaction.

Sports Agility Marker Saucer Cones are available in different colours like red, blue, yellow, orange, and white, and comes with warranty. These saucer markers help you a lot in exercising, thus allowing you to maintain fitness and do more drilling.


Pro Reaction Ball

The Pro Reaction Ball is a six-sided uniquely designed item made of sponge-like rubber material. The Pro Reaction Ball has many effective uses like it helps you get control over your reflexes and allows you to response spontaneously of some performing action as well. In a way, it improves hand-eye coordination. The six-sided design helps the ball to bounce in any direction thereby, helping you control your reflexes and test your ability to move spontaneously.

This product can be used as a major outdoor drilling item. Players such as cricketers, tennis, and badminton, etc can use Pro Reaction Ball to enhance their gaming skills and reflex ability. The ball is available in different colours and sizes. Carry it to your practice place and play.


Resistance Bungee Cord

Last, but not the least, the Resistance Bungee Cord. This exercise tool is also available in gyms or workout places in form resistance chord. But this equipment comprises an X meters long resistance cord with a waistband and harness. The harness acts as the resistance causing weight, allowing you to pull as hard as you can to reach your final point. In this way, it helps in increasing muscle strength and speed strength as well.

The waist size available from 30 to 50 inches fits around the waist perfectly. The harness gradually increases in weight that helps to increase the speed strength and agility in a step by step process. The extension strap available is used to attach around any pole like structure or trees in the park.

So, use the equipment tools discussed above, keep training, drilling, and exercising, and enjoy the good health.

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