FH Pro Harness with 3 meter Resistance Bungee Cord

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  • Fitness Health Anchor Training Harness Fits - Waist sizes 30 - 50 inch
  • 1 FH PRO Harness Resistor - 1 Resistance Cord 10 Ft Length - 3 meters
  • Build strength and conditioning for sprinting, leaping, shuffling and change of direction
  • The belts have been upgraded- All padding and connections are 100% Stronger
  • The slingshot resistance band is coated with nylon  to protector, this will enable longer life for the resistance band and better safety

Speed training is excellent for strength agility increase gaining extra stretch is vital for overspeed training. The harness combined with the viper cord acts as a natural drag of the weight, the resistance starts slowly then increasing further as you stretch the cord. 

Complete harness set comes with attractive carry bag. Also a extension strap is added to this product so that you can attach this around any static pole structure like a tree or pole. 


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    Excellent Product Service!

    Many thanks Fitness Health.