Core Workouts, before or after training?

 Core Workouts, before or after training?

It is a matter of preference that whether you are going to do cardio and strength training exercises at the same day or on the different days. You must decide it wisely which to perform first. Evaluate your physical fitness goals and make a wise decision for your body fitness. You need to make a schedule for your daily workout routine so that you could accomplish with your exercise program.


You need to schedule your cardio and strength training program if you are really serious about your health and fitness. If you want to accomplish good health and wants to look physically fit and toned then you should make a schedule for this. If you are serious in burning calories and extra fats to your body then you try to do cardio first that make your body warm up and burns fats. But if you want to strengthen your muscles, then weight training should be your first priority. It is not compulsory to do weight training and cardio workout on the same day. You can do on the different days. Divide your task between days. The choice is yours!


If you are going to do weight training and cardio on the same day then professionals advise you to do weight workout before cardio as this will increase the number of your fats burn during cardio work out. This will help you a lot in losing weight fast. It will also make your muscles strong and flexible. The only thing which could be a hurdle is that maybe you will not be able to do cardio work out at the usual intensity. Maybe you cannot do with the aerobics fully and completely. And if you do cardio after weight training then it might be injurious for you. the important thing is that you need to give proper timing to each of the work out to eliminate risks.


Benefits Of Cardio And Weight Training Work Out:

Both of the workouts have a great impact on your body. Both will benefit you and improve your health as well as physical fitness. If you do aerobics, it will benefit you by improving your stamina, you will be much able to manage with the weight training, your immune system will be strengthened, health issues will be lessened and also it will boost up your mood and makes you feel fresh. Likewise, strength training also has benefits. With the strength training workout, you can feel an improvement in your bone density; your bones will become more strong, balanced and flexible. So if you are going to include both cardio and strength training activities in your daily exercise schedule, you will acquire all the benefits and achieve a balanced life. It is up to you when you will do them. If you think that you can do cardio after strength training and it doesn’t cost you then you must do it.



Do aerobics five days in one week. Do not try to work out on the same muscles on the consecutive days while doing both the cardio and strength training workouts. Let's suppose if you do strength training on a day focusing your legs then avoid focusing on your lower body the next day. Try to focus your upper part on the other day. You can do cardio work out on daily basis but you must try to give a break of 24 hours after doing strength training activities. Stretch your muscles after you done with cardio and strength training activities. Stretch for about 15 to 20 seconds only to make your muscles relax. So, the core workouts, before and after training is cardio and you can perform cardio before or after the training as you like.


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