exercise set equipment for home gym fitness workouts speed agility training

Are you lagging on your fitness regime because you cant fit gym in your schedule? Do you want a gear that makes you sweat equally at home as much as the gym? Good news! We have a solution for you.

The Exercise set equipment for home gym fitness workouts speed agility training has got your covered in all aspects. It provides you with the basic set of training kit that will not cost you much and at the same time, provide results the same as the gym.

We’d advice you to focus on the storage at your home before going for the product. Although, the set is compact enough to take lesser room than a whole gym space. Despite that, you might need a bit more of room to practice with the gear efficiently without bumping into surrounding and getting unwelcomed injuries.

What do we know about the brand?

The brand Fitness Health Co. was established in the UK. They are renowned for the nutritional products and fitness equipment. They claim to test all the products in-house or in a warehouse, in order to provide you with the best of the best.

They provide the guarantee for all the products and give out plentiful information regarding the usage and flexibility of  both, gear and nutrition.  This company provides personal training to people irrespective of their past health lagging. They focus on the current needs and thrive to make it easy for  everyone to reach out to them with their queries and concerns.

Specifications of the kit:

  • Colors: Red, yellow.
  • Included components: Training kit.
  • Batteries: Not included.
  • Material type: Cotton.
  • Size: One-size.
  • Brand: Fitness Health Co.

Included items:

speed ladder

  • 4 Meter FH Speed Agility Ladder Performance Training Fast Footwork Drills Aid:

This ladder is ideal for athletic development. They work best for agility drills and sessions. These sessions help you in engaging your body and brain when in motion; such as, acceleration and change of direction.

The best part is that you can practice it safely at home without heading to the gym. A fully adjustable speed fast footwork agility ladder health black carry bag is also included with it.

cones training football

  • FH Pro Multi-work Agility Cones for Rugby Football Soccer Sports Field Practice Drill Marking Mini Marker Saucer Cone Set 60 pcs:

It is remarkable and ideal for indoor and outdoor sports crew instructional courses. This set comes with 60 cones - 10 cones of 6 unique shades (blue, orange, pink, white, yellow and red) along with a complete strap.

The diameter of center hole is 2 inches and the circumference is 4.5 inches. These bright saucer cones can serve a variety of purposes efficiently.

Speed hurdles

  • FH Speed Training Hurdles 6" Fast Footwork Agility Drills Pack of 3:

FH Speed Agility Hurdles come with PVC pipe. This pipe is ideal for indoor and outdoor training. You can practice 3 different speed training hurdles with this pipe.

It is safe to say that this piece of gear is perfect for Personal Training Sports as well as Football, Hockey and Rugby.

resistance loop bands

  • Set of 2 Resistance Bands Mini Exercise loop bands:

Loop bands are appropriate for glute leg band training. They can support marvellously during yoga, Pilates or physical therapy (whether at gym or home).

They can wrap around a sturdy surface or your body and provide different resistances in order to practice exercises that give best results if done with them. They can be used apart from the exercising regime, as they are easy to carry and flexible to store.


  • Squat Hip Thrust Bands
  • Resistance Training
  • Red Yellow Training


Shipping and payment

Order by 1pm for same day dispatch on UK orders. For EU, US and rest of world shipping details are here. All major payment types accepted, with a no quibble refund policy.

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