fat to fit: how resistance bands can get us there?


What Are Resistance, Bands?

Resistance bands are simply stretchable elastic bands made of rubber, and they come in different sizes and shapes. These bands were earlier used in the recovery process of people who had suffered some kind of injury, but now, they have become a major part of many people’s workout routine.

Types Of Resistance Bands:

The resistance bands come in following types:

  1. tube bands with handles
  2. Loop bands
  3. Therapy bands

Resistance bands are very useful as they:

  • Tone the body
  • Help in burning fat
  • Help in building muscles
  • Help in strength training

So, they can help you from being fat to fit if included in your workout routine.

Exercising With Resistance Bands

Here are a few exercises using resistance bands that can help us get there i.e., from being fat to fit. They will also help tone the body and increase muscle strength.


For this, you will have to keep your legs width apart and stand on the band. Hold the handles of the bands in your hands and begin the squats. This will build muscles and also burn fat especially targeting the leg muscles and the glutes.


The Glute Bridges With Resistance Bands:

For this you need to lie straight on the floor with your back and feet touching the floor, the knees forming a 90% angle. Tie the band just above your knees and raise your hips from the floor slowly forming a bridge where your hips and knees should be in alignment. Keep your glutes contracted as you repeat the movement.



The Band Push Up:

This is similar to the classic pushup in a plank position, but the band makes it rise to a whole new level. Drape a resistance band around your back holding the loops in your hands. Place your hands firmly on the floor, contracting and tightening your glutes and abs, push your whole body up. This will tone your body making it fitter and also increase muscle strength.


Resistant Boxing:

This is a real fat burner. All you have to do is to find an anchor point. Tie the band and wear the handles in your hand. Stand to face away from the anchor point. Stepping the right foot forward, punch in the air with the left arm. Repeat with the left foot and right arm. Keep switching the legs and arms alternatively. The workout results will amaze you.


The Kneeling Crunch With a Resistance Band:

For this again an anchor point is needed. Attach the band to a higher point and holding the band in each hand, kneel down. The elbows should touch your thighs. This kneeling down will engage the abdominals and will help in getting rid of lower belly fat and tone your abdominal muscles.


With the resistance bands you can make your exercises more challenging and the results more effective. They can increase your strength, power, endurance, and stamina.


Some More Benefits Of Resistance Bands

Adaptable: The resistant bands can be used in any exercise whether it is a push-up or a leg raise, a plank or a bench press, a bicep curl or a reverse crunch. This makes them very adaptable.

Portable: whether you are on a business trip or any other tour, with the resistance bands you really don’t need to worry. They can be carried easily wherever you go. Not much space required, neither the weight becomes problematic. Imagine carrying your dumbbells!

Cheaper: The resistant bands won’t be heavy on your pockets, and there are so many exercises that can be done with them.

Getting fit is a lot easier with these bands. Grab a band and begin toning your body. Stay fit!




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