How interval training stimulates the burning of fat?

How interval training stimulates the burning of fat? - Fitness Health

 How interval training stimulates the burning of fat?

If you want to attain a good-looking body, you’ll need to get rid of unwanted fat. While there are different kinds of exercises you can perform, not all of them have been designed to burn fat. So, before you start working your body, you should know about the kind of exercises you should be doing.

Interval Training

Interval training is one of the best types of an exercise regime you can go for to lose weight and burn excessive fat in your body. It is an effective method if you want to transform your body for the better because the workouts, which consist of short intervals, not only help you lose fat but also improve your stamina and cardiovascular health.

The Fat Burning Zone

Interval training allows you to enter the fat burning zone which is beneficial for losing weight. When people start going to a gym for the fat burning process their bodies lose weight only when they are training and exercising, but it stops when they leave the gym.

This is not the case with interval training as it continues to burn unwanted fat even after you’re done with your exercise routine at the gym.

Interval training stimulates such a fat burning process because during this kind of workout your body is being provided the amount of oxygen it needs to boost your metabolic rate. So, even when you’ve finished working out, the recommended amount of oxygen is still there and your metabolic process continues to get rid of fat. 

Lean Muscle Mass

Interval training also helps in the stimulation of the muscle building process. It increases the release of hormones which help in the growth process such as IGF-1 and growth hormone (GH). Lean mass can be formed in your overall body without any unwanted fats through interval training.

Better Cardiovascular Health

It also allows for better cardiovascular health. Such a workout enables your capillaries to open, enabling your heart to pump blood to all of the muscles that are being used during exercise. It also helps in decreasing the time your body requires to come back to its normal state after working out due to an increase in stamina. 

Performing interval training is easy. You need to perform two sets of exercises one after the other and then allow your body to rest before moving on to the next sets of exercise you need to perform. Keep in mind that even during the rest period your body continues to move. Taking a rest between sets doesn't mean that you sit down. Keep your rests to approximately 10 to 15 seconds. Also, don't gulp too much water between sets.

While interval training is beneficial to lose unwanted weight from all over your body, there are a few things you should be aware of.

  • Don’t start exercising on a full stomach. You should wait at least an hour or two before hitting the gym.
  • Don't do interval training for an entire week. Your body needs to rest, and that's why you should only perform interval training four or five times a week. Even three times is beneficial if you do yoga two days a week.
  • Always continue on a pace your body is comfortable with to avoid injuries. Do low impact versions of exercises if the high impact version is something you can't currently perform.
  • Don’t push your body to the point where it begins to feel pain. Feeling your muscles burn because of an exercise is different than the pain you feel in your body because of an injury.

If you want to get rid of unwanted fat, you should make interval training a part of your exercise regime and see positive results in a month.


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