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  A lot of people tend to gain weight because they don’t lead active lifestyles. Almost 90% of people are said to be unhappy with their weight. The unfortunate thing is that gaining weight is far easier that losing it. Not controlling the few pounds you gain over the past few months ends up being numerous pounds that just don’t seem to go away. And while most people spend a lot of money on gyms, they lack the proper motivation to help them get rid of unwanted weight.  They spend hours at the gym but don’t make healthy changes in...

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  Emergency rooms and doctor’s offices see tens of thousands of people annually due to exercise-related injuries. Some of the most common include tennis elbow, shin splints, carpel tunnel, rotator cuff injuries, and tears to the ACL (the anterior cruciate ligament which connects the femur and tibia). While you can’t always keep these types of issues from happening, especially if you engage in sports and are sometimes at the mercy of an opponent who slams into you or by making a quick movement that creates unintended strain, there are some things that you can do to make these types of...

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    Do you have a fitness-related problem or issue that you can’t seem to resolve? Is it standing in the way of creating a body that you can be proud of? If you answered yes to these questions, here are three of the most voiced complaints when it comes to getting into better shape, as well as how to get rid of these fitness problems once and for all. #1: You don’t have enough room for exercise equipment. With the cost of gym memberships being too high for people living paycheck to paycheck, a lot of fitness enthusiasts are...

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  When it comes to losing weight, not all options are cheap. In fact, some programs cost hundreds and hundreds per month, which often means that you have to choose between saving your money or saving your waistline…the former of which usually wins. Fortunately, there are some online diet programs that are available at no cost to you. Here are a few of the best ones: FitClick. One of the most impressive things about FitClick is that this site offers a few different eating programs (some designed by FitClick and others created by members), allowing you to choose the one...

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