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When you’re trying to advance your fitness yet don’t have the time to research everything you need to know to do it, you’re left to rely on advice from “the experts.” Of course, the hope is that these nuggets of wisdom will help you develop a more toned body, but sadly that isn’t always the case. Here are a few of the pieces of worst advice we’ve ever heard about fitness: “There’s only one way to get fit.” If someone tries to sell you on the idea that their program or routine is the only way you’ll ever get in...

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  The key to losing weight and keeping it off is boosting your metabolism as often as possible throughout your day so your body’s fat burning furnace is always on high. How? Simple. Just do these 10 things. Often. Engage in interval training. Interval training has been found to have many metabolism boosting effects. To do it, alternate between low and high intensities within your workout sessions. Increasing workout intensity. Another option is to take your current workout and kick it up a notch. Or two. Upping workout duration. If you’re already working out hard, you can also lengthen the...

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  Life insurance is one of those things that everyone should have but few like paying the premiums in order to keep. Besides, when you’re trying to maintain a house, keep utilities on, buy groceries, pay for a car, fund schooling, and take care of all of the other expenses common to running a household, it can really put a strain on your budget to also pay for this necessary yet optional expense. Well, one way to potentially reduce that strain and lower your rates is to wear your fitness tracker. The way it works with some life insurance companies...

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Although testosterone is known primarily for its role in male sexuality, women have some of this hormone too (albeit in lesser amounts). Plus, it serves other important functions in addition to sexual and reproductive health. For instance, it helps increase muscle mass, assists with improving bone density, and provides a greater sense of contentment and happiness. Because its levels start to decline after 30 years of age, you may be wondering how to boost your testosterone naturally, so that you still gain all of the benefits that this particular hormone has to offer. If so, here are a few options...

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