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  Stretch bands are mostly used by those people who prefer exercising at homes or who like taking their work-out equipment everywhere they go. But this is not where their importance ends! There is much more to them in terms of convenience, versatility, safety, and effectiveness. The more that you get to know about the advantages that they have to offer, the more tempted you would be to make them a part of your home gym! These stretch bands are simple and inexpensive tools and suit people of all age groups and all fitness levels. Their simplicity does not in...

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“A sound mind is in a sound body” is what they say. Stress, hypertension, anxiety, depression and several other similar problems have grown frequent around the world, especially in women. In order to cope with such mental health problems, people have grown more focused when it comes to maintaining their physique, which not only (by itself) benefits the body, but also nourishes and relaxes the mind too. Strength training is an effective way to improve balance, flexibility and overall body health; including anaerobic endurance and building of skeletal muscles. Strength Training for Women Women tend to keep up with certain...

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  For those of you who might not fully understand yet, osteoporosis is a disorder in which a reduction of bone mass and the associated structural changes lead to decreased bone strength and increased bone fragility. However, it has been observed that resistance band workouts can help combat osteoporosis. Let’s find out more about this ailment and how resistance bands can help. Understanding Osteoporosis It is characterised by decreased collagenous bone matrix (organic) and minerals (inorganic), both components leading to reduced bone formation and increased bone loss. It is also the most common type of metabolic bone disease. This metabolic...

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Many people exercise because they want to lose weight and tone their muscles. Aside from these reasons it should also be done to improve the way you move throughout the world. This movement and stability are possible with the help of functional training. It improves stability, strength, and mobility so that you can excel in life and sports. For those who might not be familiar, functional training uses movements like pulling, hinging, pushing, squatting, running, walking, and rotating every day to improve your movement and achieve your health goals. Everyone can benefit from functional training as it forces your joint...

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  Are you very passionate about workouts and always try to find new ways of becoming better every day? Then it might be the time for you to make your passion a fruitful career. If you are always choosing health over anything else, then you should try to become a personal trainer. It will not only help you on your journey to fitness but will also enable you to help others. Before discussing tips about becoming a personal trainer, you must know what it means to be a personal trainer. The job of a personal trainer: A personal trainer suggests...

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