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Regardless of the fact that you are training to run a marathon, or you want to run just to get rid of the few extra pounds from your body, you need to have sufficient stamina to run long enough and meet your goals in time. If you wish to increase and improve the running stamina that you currently possess, you need to incorporate the following tips into your schedule. High-intensity interval training HIIT is very effective when it comes to improving the aerobic capacity you have. You should program your workout schedule in such a way that it has 3...

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  Almost all of the anaerobic exercises that you can perform including dumbbells, free weights, weight machines, and barbells have been mainly designed to build up the muscle mass of a person by making use of tension. But before you start weightlifting, you need to figure out whether you want to go for explosive reps or slower reps. Of course, neither of the two speeds are classified as wrong speeds; the two along with the tempo and the weights you lift only produces different results. However, before you decide whether to go for a slow rep or an explosive rep,...

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  What are isolation exercises? Well if you happen to be someone who spends their time in the gym doing weight training, then you must be aware of the fact that there are some different types of exercises which you can include in your workout schedule. One of these different exercises includes isolation exercises. So, what are isolation exercises? Isolation exercises are exercises which require you to move only one joint and muscle group while you are working out. These exercises are extremely helpful when you are suffering from some kind of muscular imbalance or some sort of an injury....

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  Building a stronger, leaner, and healthier body often requires that you separate fact from fiction. And there is a lot of bad information out there. To keep you from falling victim to it, thereby preventing you from hitting your fitness goals, here are 12 myths about muscle mass increase…and the truths behind them. To build muscle, you need to strength train slowly. Research shows that faster movements help you lift heavier weights for longer. You should always push your muscles to exhaustion. While this is okay in some exercise sessions, you also want to have some workouts that are...

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    Very few people like to spend all of their free time in the gym, which means that the time that you do spend there better provide good results. And it will. As long as you follow one of these eight effective strength training techniques. Cluster sets. This particular technique involves resting between reps (usually for around 30 seconds), enabling you to lift more reps, thereby increasing your muscle gain. Cluster reps. Cluster reps are slightly different in that you use a weight that you can only lift a couple of times and perform multiple sets of one rep,...

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