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  Sometimes it’s okay to keep your typical workout routine aside and follow a plan that not only tests your muscular strength but also pushes you past your current pain threshold. There is series of challenges that have been designed by the top fitness experts in the world to test your workout abilities. These exercises are a proven way of taking your physical energy to its maximum potential. If you have been looking for the best strength challenges for fitness, then you've come to the right place. Below you'll get to read about an entire list of workout challenges that...

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  When you start a new exercise program, you may find that you gain weight at first instead of losing it. It’s nothing to worry about and you’re not doing anything wrong, so don’t give up. Some types of exercise, such as strength training, can make you gain weight because of added muscle. Water retention is another cause of weight gain. Experts say that this happens as part of a healing process, and is a way of getting glycogen into the body more efficiently. This leads to the weight gain. If you have concerns, have your body fat checked by...

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    We are always being told that exercise is good for us and we should do it regularly. Working out stops us from living sedentary lifestyles, prevents disease and enables athletes to train their bodies to perform above their normal capacity. However, exercising too much can be dangerous and cause problems for many people. Here are some examples why you shouldn’t work out every day: You’re injured Some people believe the mantra “no pain, no gain”. However, this saying is wrong as pain is an essential piece of information. You should never ignore or push through it but listen...

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  So when start working out you wish to start doing intense workout straight away in order to achieve those six-packs that you’ve been wanting since forever. However, your trainer might stop you often from doing that by telling you that the best way to burn fat and gain muscle is by doing lots and lots of cardio, right? Wrong! This is exactly what you should not be doing if you want a ripped body. According to various researches doing cardio exercises for long periods can actually have more disadvantages than advantages.  Disadvantages of doing steady-state cardio exercises all the...

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  Different intensity activities for you to opt for! If you workout then you must be aware of the fact that physical activities can be done in various intensities. You can workout and can perform different exercises ranging between different intensities. This range of intensity includes light exercises, moderate exercises, and vigorous exercises.  It is important for you to understand the difference between these intensities if you were to indulge in them. These ranging activities make it a lot easier to switch up your workout regimes as following the same workout regime each day causes the body to go immune...

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