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What is meant by balance? The urban dictionary describes balance as an even distribution enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady. In other words, balance is the ability to maintain equilibrium while carrying out daily activities. However, generally, by the age of sixty five, human beings starts to lose their balance and wobbling through life becomes quite a frequent scenario. How can one check their balance? Stand straight with your arms raised by your side, and lift one leg to waist level [six inches] by your knee and count to thirty. If you are successful in maintaining your...

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  The flexibility of our body muscles and joints is often overlooked when we exercise for fitness. The main aim when we exercise is mostly to get the perfect abs and bigger biceps, but the mobility of the hips is one of the most severely overlooked aspects of being fit. Hip Flexibility is not paid much attention to if you do a lot of work sitting down in front of a desk, or in the car then you may have reduced the flexibility of your hips without even knowing about it. Reducing this mobility is the main cause for having...

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  Have you ever heard fitness trainers tell you that you should end the workout on a low note? While leaving the gym, you want to feel better as compared to when you walked in. You want to end on such a note that your brain is flooded with endorphins and you feel energetic. End your workout with a fantastic finisher that will aid you in burning extra calories even once you’ve stopped exercising, improve cardiovascular fitness, and help you remain energetic. Here are some exercises you can do before you finish the workout session. The fat assault For this...

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    There is more to breathing than many people realise. Learning the correct breathing techniques is important, especially for those who do sport, meditate or suffer from asthma. If you breathe the right way, you will improve your health and focus, and also reduce stress levels. Here are some examples of apps that can help you with breathing exercises during workouts:   Yogic Breath This specialises in helping you learn breathing techniques in yoga, such as deep rhythmic breathing and Kapalbhati. It even contains videos, audio material and instructions for guidance. Yogic Breath -    Breathe Strong This...

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  Millions of people wish to set fitness goals as a part of their New Year resolution or when they feel their body is starting to get out of shape or already is. But how many actually stick to their goals is what matters as very few do. Some of them don’t attempt to follow their goals in first place while others lose their motivation after some time. It turns out coming up with weight loss goals is insufficient for maintaining workout inspiration in the long run. Here are a few things you should add in your life in order...

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