this is why resistance band exercising is important to us as we age



What is a resistance band?

A resistance band is an exercise tool that was initially mainly used by people who were recovering from an injury. A resistance band was used as a rehabilitation exercise tool for training and strengthening the muscles of people who were recuperating.

However, now, resistance bands are widely being used in daily exercise routines. They have now combined with your everyday training and have known to become as resistance band exercising.

Gyms, fitness centres and such are making use of resistance bands in their exercise training programs.



The only point of similarity between resistance bands is that they all have a rubbery sort of texture. Other than that, bands used in resistance band training differ in:

  • Shape
  • Color
  • Size
  • Length
  • Strength

The below provided list is of the colors that resistance bands come in. These colors are from softest to hardest in intensity.

  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Silver

By being available in different colors, resistance bands make training easier as each individual can train with the resistance band that best suits them or with which they are comfortable.

Other than these, resistance bands come in three broad types:

  • Tube: For the upper body muscles and your sides.
  • Loop: For lower body and ankle exercise and for physical and rehabilitation therapies.
  • Flat: For your overall body. More prone towards lower body exercise.


Who can do resistance band training?

As aforementioned, resistance band training is for everyone. However, the focal point for us here will be how resistance band training is beneficial for us as we age. Resistance bands wide variety allows us to use them for our exercise training programs.

Also, incorporating resistance band training in our routine as we age has several benefits for us. These advantages will be discussed under the next heading.


Benefits of resistance band training as we age

  1. Routine

Resistance band training will prevent your muscles from getting with age. When you will push against the resistance of the band, you will be putting your muscles to work. Hence, in turn, your muscles will become more flexible. This increased muscle strength will ensure that you do not have any problem in performing everyday chores. For instance, lifting your grandchildren, carry bags, walking and such.


  1. Health

Resistance band training is also known to make your overall body fit. Some important health benefits of resistance band training include:

  • Reduced arthritis pain
  • Reduced back pain
  • Helps in restoring, keeping and maintaining bodily balance
  • It prevents you from losing balance and falling
  • Aids in controlling glucose levels in your body
  • Helps improve the quality of sleep
  • It reduces the risk of heart disease
  • Aids in maintaining a healthy mental health
  • Maintains your body weight
  • Helps strengthen and increase bone density
  • Beneficial for rehabilitation and physical therapies


  1. Vitality

Training with resistance bands will ensure that you have a clear head. You will feel more alert and full of energy. Resistance band training will help you in reducing weight if you are obese. Also. You will not get tired easily. You will be able to do various tasks with more vitality.


  1. Fitness

Resistance band training will make your body overall fit. You will no longer stumble unexpectedly. You will have a firmer grip upon yourself. Also, by keeping your heart healthy, resistance band training will ensure that you do not develop any heart problems as you age.



Conclusively, strength training is important as we age. It has numerous benefits for us and without it, we may not be as fit as we are today when we age. Also, be varying in strength and other such factors, these bands allow all people to make use of them.



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