Using Resistance Bands for Full Body Fitness


Resistance band-the simple yet sensational fitness accessory that has recently become a part of every fitness lover's life.

The thing is an excellent alternative to a regular gym, especially during the COVID lockdown. And it doesn't need much to undergo a full body resistance band workout at home. The thing has no setup or helper requirements.

So, let's have a deeper look at resistance bands and the exercises you can perform with them.

Resistance Band Exercise

resistance band training

Resistance bands are effective and applicable for every part of the body. Here's a glimpse of the full body resistance band workout exercises you can try.

Glutes Bridge: It includes the use of a loop resistance to knees and then trying to lift the upper body. The exercise targets the abs, glutes, and thighs.

resistance band push up

Resistance Band Push-Ups: The exercise is almost the same as general pushups, but with a resistance band acting as extra weight. It helps to blast the chest muscles and abs.


Resistance Band Pull Up: This exercise is for beginners who need help in pull-ups. The exercise is good for building core, shoulder, and chest muscles. 


bicep curls

Bicep Curls: The resistance band is helpful to replace weight while maintaining the opposition during bicep curls. You can use the exercise to grow them.

Resistance Band Benefits

The full body resistance band workout can help your muscles in more than one way. The following are some of the benefits that come with these things.

For instance, these bands are beginner-friendly. Even a person with no prior training can use them with minimal injury risk. The resistance these bands offer also helps to speed up the workout, helping in both muscle growth and weight loss.

The resistance bands are also a great alternative for dealing with joint diseases, including arthritis. And the best part is they don't cost you nearly as much as professional gym equipment.

They are super cheap and easy to carry with you anywhere and anytime.

Resistance Band Workout

The resistance bands are perfect for a full body blast. They are highly adaptable and can target any muscle group you want. Let's have a look at some simple yet effective exercises that you can do with them.


Chest is probably the first part that anyone would want to target. The area consists of three muscle groups that respond to push and pull exercises. A resistance band can help in both by adding extra resistance during the workout. You can use it for Flye, Splitter, press-ups, and many more.

tricep kickbacks

Tricep and Bicep

The bicep and triceps exercise consists of a repeated cycle of stressing and relaxing the muscles. It usually includes some kind of weights like dumbbells, barbells, or a plate to increase the resistance for maximum result. The resistance band can replace these weights to a certain degree. You can tug it under your foot to use your body weight as resistance or attach it to support while working out. It will work the same way as a normal weight.

overhead extensions ab exercise


Abs are a tough muscle group that needs you to use compression exercises to melt fat. The most common of these exercises include crunches, boat crunches and pull-ups. The elastic band can come in handy for both developing strengths and increasing the outcome of all these exercises. You can use it as a support to push you in a particular direction during initial training. Like you can use it to push up and support while trying pull-ups. Once you build strength, just reverse the direction, and the band will act as an active weight or resistance, ensuring maximum muscle gains.

Which Resistance Bands Work Best

There is no way to find the right resistance band for your workout. The choice will depend on your weight, exercise routine, and the force you can apply. Here's what you need to consider to find a quality resistance band for you.

Loop Or Non-Loop

The loop bands are like coiled-shaped rubber bands. It has no end or beginning. They are best for exercises like squatting, kickback, side tap, and other such exercises. 

The non-looped, on the other hand, are straight and flexible bands that are mostly available with handles at both ends. This type of band is ready for a full body band workout. It can target all major muscle groups, including chest, arms, abs, and more.



The colours of the resistance band are not just to enhance their appearance. They actually exhibit the load the band can handle. Usually, the scale goes from red to black, with red being for lightweight loads while blacks bands are for heavy loads.


Resistance bands are the best exercise equipment to have in your bags. They are portable, easy to use, and are still enough for a full body workout.

So just select your workout type, the resistance you need, and get one of these interesting things. You would definitely love it.


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