7 Helpful Ways that Prevent You From Overeating

7 Helpful Ways that Prevent You From Overeating - Fitness Health

 7 Helpful Ways that Prevent You From Overeating

While eating tasty food does bring joy, there needs to be a balance. People who overeat frequently end up gaining a lot of extra weight which increases their risk of falling prey to chronic diseases i.e. obesity, cardiovascular ailments, and more.

People who want to lose weight end up starving themselves. This might shed a few pounds but after a week or two such individuals find themselves binging on food and gaining more weight than before. The healthy way of losing weight is to pair exercise with a proper diet. Even if you aren’t able to exercise daily, not overeating can help you remain fit, which is also something that’s personal trainer Rene' Harwood talks about.

Here are the 7 helpful ways that prevent you from overeating:

Use smaller sized plates

When eating at home, you should use smaller sized plates. But what will doing so accomplish? Using smaller sized plates will enable you to control the portion of food you consume and prevent overeating. Use salad or appetizer plates which are smaller in size.

Also, some studies have shown that certain coloured plates can help trick your brain into believing that you're full. So, try using blue coloured plates when eating. Even when you go out to a party, lessen the portion of food you decide to eat.

Remove all serving bowls from the table when eating

If you put a small portion of food on your plate and then walk away from serving bowls, you are more likely to eat less. When you happen to see serving bowls right in front of you, you’re more likely to feel the urge to add more to your place and hence overeat.

Be Aware of the Calorie count

Knowing how many calories you should eat a day and sticking to them will prevent you from overeating. Calculate your daily intake of calories depending on your lifestyle and be persistent to not go over the recommended amount. If you feel hungry eat an assortment of nuts, which are low in calories, instead of reaching for a big bag of chips.

Eat only when you are hungry

You might feel the urge to eat unhealthy snacks during the middle of the night while watching an enjoyable movie or talking to your friends. These midnight cravings are dangerous and only lead to unwanted fat deposits. If you are staying up late and you wish to eat, it's recommended that you eat a fruit salad instead of ordering fast food. 


Fill half of your plate with healthy vegetables

Green vegetables contain fewer calories. So, if you eat a larger quantity of vegetables than the roasted chicken being served for dinner, your stomach will become full, and you'll feel satisfied without eating a lot of calories. So, fill your plate up with greens and a small portion of chicken, or whatever is being served as the main dish.


Drink adequate water

Water is the only drink out there that has no calories. It’s a very vital component of your body, and proper intake keeps you hydrated. Also, staying hydrated will keep your stomach feeling full until your next meal time. Drinking more than 10 glasses of water a day will help you resist the urge to snack between meals and overeat during meal times.


Eat Slower

This is one of the best techniques to prevent overeating. Eating at a slower pace than usual not only gives you the chance to enjoy your food more but it also makes you eat less because you’ll give your body the time it needs to send messages to your brain when you’re full.

Make use of these 7 helpful tips and see for yourself how they can help you prevent overeating.

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