how students use dmae supplement to boost brain power

 How Students use DMAE Supplement to Boost Brain Power

A lot of students are in search of various ways that can help them learn better. You might have heard about students using DMAE supplement to help increase their learning capabilities. However, in order for you to know how it works let's go over what is meant by DMAE.

DMAE basically stands for DiMethyl Amino Ethanol. It is a supplement in the form of a tablet that's used by students to improve their brain power as its effects are said to be a bit similar to choline and caffeine, allowing us to become active.

Students usually take 1 capsule per day to boost their brain cell activity and remain mentally focused. Some even eat half a capsule depending on what they prefer. If one wants to go for a higher dose, then it's taken with breakfast. 

But keep in mind that an extra dosage of this supplement can take your brain to the point where you can become mentally ill. It also brings about a sense of exhaustion in people who consume too much. That's why it is recommended that if you're going to take such a supplement, you should do it after every two days.

How it Works

DMAE supplements have an effect on your brain to boost its energy. Basically, DMAE works across the blood brain barrier and makes a chemical named Acetylcholine which in turn helps in the learning process and is far better in its activity when compared to other forms of choline. But as mentioned above, a larger quantity of such chemicals can hinder brain performance.

Benefits of DMAE

The major benefit of this supplement is that it provides a boost to your brain power. It allows you to remain focused, reducing brain fog. In simpler terms, brain fog can be described as the mental confusion that's brought about by eating a lot of junk food. 

Furthermore, this supplement can also calm your anxiety levels during exams. Not only students but this supplement is also consumed by other individuals who want to remain active for tackling a professional assignment.

For those of you, reading this, who might not know already, similar brain-boosting chemicals are also found in seafood. However, not everyone has the funds to add seafood to their diet. Or they just can't handle the smell. For such individuals, DMAE supplements are good option to opt for.

DMAE supplements are also used by different athletes as it helps them remain focused and active. The same supplement is also consumed by individuals who feel upset. But take note that high quantities of this supplement can give rise to side effects which include feelings of depression and confusion. Some students have reported headaches.

People who have Alzheimer's disease should also not use this supplement to maintain their health. Consuming such a supplement can have adverse effects on their blood pressure. The same goes for patients with bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, schizophrenia, and epilepsy.

Should you take it?

It’s not illegal to take DMAE, and numerous students are known to take it when preparing for their exams. It is also easily available. However, as stated, you should be careful when it comes to the amount of this supplement being consumed.

It is also highly recommended that you should consult a doctor before taking this supplement. People who already have a mental illness or suffer from blood pressure problems are warned not to take DMAE. There are other alternatives to giving your brain the boost it needs to remain focused.

Eating an apple has been studied to help you stay awake and alert. Drinking coffee is also considered safer than taking a capsule or two of DMAE.

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