How to keep the mind sharp and healthy

How to keep the mind sharp and healthy - Fitness Health

How to keep the mind sharp and healthy


Our brain is the main organ that regulates the performance of other organs of the body. It is considered as the headquarters of our body, and it should be kept healthy and sharp for its better performance. Some amazing tips to keep your mind healthy and sharp are;

  1. Eat healthily: avoid excess saturated and trans fat which damages blood vessels by blocking off the arteries. Make sure you add plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains in your daily diet. Eat a lot of fish and consume omega 3s fatty acids. Add antioxidants to your diet for optimal brain functioning such as dark chocolate. Some good foods that strengthen mind are avocado, olive oil, onions and etc.
  2. Perform mental exercises: you can improve your mental ability by performing some mental exercises such as problem-solving, working on puzzles and difficult tasks, taking up challenges to create rational thinking skills, playing some computer games that involve decision making and completing tasks on time.
  3. Practice meditation: meditation helps to reduce stress. You can strengthen your brain and perform activities that have a positive impact on your mind. Practice mind fullness meditation, breath-focused meditation, etc.
  4. Perform physical exercises: physical exercises enhance and strengthen cognitive function.
  5. Consume less sugar: consuming high sugar can be harmful to the brain causing poor insulin regulation, inducing inflammation and oxidative stress.
  6. Regulate your cholesterol level: high levels of cholesterol are one of the reasons for dementia. Well, balanced diet along with balanced body weight, exercises and avoiding smoking will lead to improving body cholesterol level.
  7. Try to use all your senses: try to use all your senses during your activities. This will help your mind in multi-tasking and multi-tasking is good for sharpening the mind.
  8. Keep learning: acquire a high level of education as education helps in broadening the vision and helps in developing insight.
  9. Practice deep listening: practicing deep listening which will help your mind to become keen to learn and listen.
  • Get good sleep: our brain needs rest, and it is essential for every individual to get a good sleep of 7 to 8 hours. Even if you have a sound body but if you are not getting enough sleep, this will cause brain damage, and your brain will get exhausted.
  • Prioritize your brain use: prioritize your brain use while keeping in mind which things do we need remember and which things are not important to remember. Do not stress out and overburden your mind with unnecessary details and information that at the time when you need the good help in your mind you are unable to do so.
  • Improve your blood pressure: try to improve your blood pressure as high blood pressure increases the risk of decline in cognitive function.
  • Physical protection: you need to take care of your head to avoid any injuries because head injuries cause severe damage to the head and the effects of such injuries can be for a lifetime as well.
  • Do not over consume alcohol: excess consumption of alcohol results in dementia. So it is important for you to know that consume less alcohol.
  • socialize: try to socialize around. Meet new people, plan family meetings and gatherings and make sure you attend all. Discuss and share your emotions with your friends. This keeps us away from stress and depression, and the things we want to share with people around us can be shared easily, and then our overburden mind gets relaxed and calm.


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