How To Gain Weight

The key way for gaining good healthy weight is to make sure you keep yourself packed with high energy snacks throughout the day. For good weight gain and muscular growth you must give your body the essential energy it needs to activate it’s growth hormones.

Post workout you should always eat high BV (biological Value) foods, as these provide the muscles with protein, helping recover faster and more effectively.

It’s Important for the younger athletes to maintain a good weight and to keep energy levels high, young sports professionals of today have a strict health and diet programs which are designed for energy impact.

Normally a young athlete would consume seven snacks or meals per day.

Weight gain and high energy snacks

Cheese – sliced, cubed or grilled on toast
Porridge with fruit and milk
Cereals wholegrain with whole milk
Muffins, scones, rolls or bagels
Jam or honey on toast
Sandwich- peanut butter, chicken, cheese, ham , tuna or even banana
Dried fruit with nuts
Nuts – mixed with no salt
Bread – malt loaf, fruit bread, sundried tomato bread or olive bread

It’s important to eat between 3000 -3500 kcal per day for weight gain. I recommend you seek professional advice from your local doctor before starting any extreme diet.

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