Lower Back Exercise Swimmer

Swimmer lower back exercise 


Muscles; Lower back, gluts & oblique’s
This exercise is excellent for strengthening the lower back. The movement for this exercise is comfortable and can be completed by most ages. If you do this exercise at home make sure you have a soft and firm surface like a yoga mat. If you struggle to move alternate leg and arm at the same then you can complete the exercise  by bringing both your arms of the floor slowly then lower, once the arms have reached the floor do the same movement but this time with both your legs.


1. Lay with your face down on the floor. Hold Your legs, shoulders and arms in line with one another, keep looking at the floor.

2. Raise your left leg and your right arm straight up, stopping when you feel tension in your leg and arm. Keep your pelvis level so that your abdomen faces down.

3. Stabilise yourself in this position by tightening all the muscles in your abs, butt and back. Return to the start position and complete with your other leg and arm.

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