Muscle fitness

The most import rule of muscle fitness.

One of the most important rules when you making a workout or fitness routine is to have involve opposite muscle groups. Around our body we have different muscular groups located at the front of our body and back. When exercising its common for people concentrate on the front muscle groups or most the muscles we can see in the mirror.

Importance of muscles

During movement our brain with activate muscle groups so we can produce movement. With every movement we make we contract and eccentric.

Contract this phase is when the muscle shortens pulling the body part and adjusting position.

Eccentric is when the opposite muscle lengthens allowing the movement to take place.

We would need this muscle to contract so that we can become straight again and carry on with our day. Remember a muscle can only shorten; it needs an opposite muscle to contract so it can bring us back to our original form of shape.


Balance is the most important rule of fitness, not just with muscles contractions, but also with food, drink, work ,play ,sleep ,rest ,fitness and health. In every part of life we need balance, this is the reason why we are able to live on this planet. Because we are the just the right distance away from the sun we are able to create life.

Muscular balance is the same, you need to involve your whole body when exercising, don’t just think of one or two parts which you want to improve.

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