Best way for strength training

Three reps is all you need for super strength.

Looking for maximum training benefits?  then start using the three rep routine!

This simple training technique that targets the muscle to work more slowly, but twice more efficiently.This is a training system used by strongmen and strength building professionals.

The main idea behind the ‘three reputition’ system is easy to apply. The training requires you to contract slowly and extract slowly.

Reason for the slow down.

When you lift a heavy weight with slow movement you conserve more energy and can control your power better with more balance.

Doing the exercise.

First look for the weight machines to start your exercises, free weights are more dangerous and always need a spotter if lifting 90% +  your max repetitions  This is for your safety

We look at lifting your 90% -95% rep max. x 3. It’s good to count to 8-10 seconds for each repetition.

1. Your looking for a clean continuous contraction without any stops, starts, jerks or pulls.

2. Repeat the same move in reverse, slowly and controlled.

The key is to remove the lactic acid  from the muscle and have the extra energy to lift the weight again.

Often you will find the gyms full of eager muscle mass trainers, straining until their eye’s pop out , making strange ape noses and huge grunts when lift super heavy weights.

Most of the time the techniques are wrong, not completely but slightly. Normally either backs are out of position or legs are bending during the life. No effect will be had during the training, but will return in years to come.

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