EXERCISE BAND; Reverse Arm Curl Bicep Exercise


This exercise is ideal for toning the arms and deliver great strength increases in wrist and arm muscles.

As we grow old resistance band training can have a get impact on your bones, muscles and joints. Resistance band training as been proven to Increasing  your range of movement and strengthen your joints. These a the key elements to fitness and can combat age disease such like bone diseases and cardiovascular diseases.


  1. Turning the position of your hand so that your palms are facing the floor is very effective.
  2. Then lifting the bands bringing the handles to your chest nice and slow making sure that the movement is controlled.
  3. Remember to breath throughout this exercise. Repeat until reps are finished.

I recommend you start with the yellow band, once you can achieve 20 reps easily and the red band, then the blue band. Once you can complete 20 reps of this exercise with three bands please feel free to add another.


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