how to be healthy in 2012

We’ve put together some tips and pointers which can help you become healthier this coming year.







Eat fresh apples as they’re a good source of natural fibre, and it’s important to consume apples regularly in your daily diet. Apple juice, can help and assist the breakdown of nutrients more effectively, also apple juice has a added benefit with helping reduce the risk of colon cancer.






Good Breakfast – A study that found people who skipped breakfast and ate most of their calories during the evening meal had a  lower metabolism, than people who eat breakfast on a regular basis, these people were found to have  a higher metabolism and burnt calories more efficiently , also evidence showed that body responded better to insulin in the morning, therefor having increased capability and better handling of carbohydrates and fats more effectively.


Canola oil is produced from rapeseed, rapeseed has a high content of mono unsaturated fat, this fat is the good healthy fat we need more of.  Because canola oil has a low saturated fat content it makes it great and ideal for cooking, dressing and making mayonnaise.

Canola oil is rich with essential Omega 3 acids,

Omega 3 reduces weight whilst exercising.

Best omega 3 food sources are walnuts, flax seeds and Salmon. These three foods that act as natural anti-inflammatory agents within the body’s system, they assist and help our body for better function by making the muscles & arteries work better.

New research shows, consuming more fish oil in your diet can help you loss weight faster, also rich omega 3 foods contain fatty acids that can reduce the risks of heart disease, and have the ability to help boost your brain power.

Other weight loss foods that can be effective in your daily diet is miso soup, this Japanese soy bean based soup is packed with magical nutrients. Sipping a small bowl of miso soup a day will stop any temptation of overeating, Inside this soup the enzymes help balance your body’s internal bacteria, boosting your immune system and releasing much needed vitamins and minerals.

Increase your Vitamin C intake,the following products can enhance your internal body system, great for combating the common cold, assist in rehydration  and can be effective a fighting hangovers.

Rich vitamin C foods are

  • Capsicums- peppers
  • Kiwi Fruit
  • Oranges
  • Limes & lemons
  • Sweet potatoes or Kumra
  • Strawberries

All of these foods are very high in Vitamin C and contain lots of other vital body nutrients. Vitamin C helps make collagen, collagen helps the arteries supply.

These are some useful tips we have put together to help you on your fitness and health quest in 2012. Happy and healthy New Year!

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