Drinking problem drinks

Do you have a drink problem?

Most people would think that I am talking about alcohol, when I ask about a drink problem?

When in fact the question is directed at sugary carbohydrate drinks i.e. Coke, fanta, pepsi etc.

You may be thinking why do I ask this question? did you know that an average man consumes 1550 Kilojoules from sugary drinks daily, a US university recently made a survey on this study , for most males the problem starts at home where more than 52% of sweetened drinks are consumed.

The rest of the kilojoules are consumed in transit either from work or social gatherings, these sugary drinks have a strong link to diabetes, heart disease and obesity, people should be aware that if you over consume drinks you put your body at risk.

When the drinks enter the body that will effect the release of insulin, to much or to less insulin can lead to diabetes, no sugar or diet sugary drinks are just as dangerous to our body than full sugar drinks. Insulin is released with or without sugar, the taste bud tell our liver sweet sugary goodness is coming, when often its a false call. Insulin is released and lost, if this happens regularly then insulin levels will be wrong and your body will become confused.

So stay away from the famous drinks, drink more water and save the money and stop the problems from happening.

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