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Develop breathing

Deep and long breathing has always been vital in life, fitness and good breathing exercises can be beneficial in so many ways. Science shows that people with fewer breaths per minute are much healthier than people whom breathe more rapid and short.

Exercises like yoga, Pilates, Qigong and tai chi can help you develop strong patterns of deep healthy breathing with exercise and slow movement, this combination can be the answer for long fulfilled life.

The nervous system is the body’s most important internal system; the nervous system is responsible for our movement, touch, feel, smell and taste. Blockages in the nervous system can create long term and short term problems, stopping messages from travelling around the body can be very harmful.

The nervous system is formed in two main parts, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

When we breathe in our sympathetic nervous system operates internal energy

Then we breathe out our parasympathetic nervous system operates external energy

When we take longer and deeper breathes we help both these energy systems work and run to their full capacity.

Breathing is the answer and key to long internal healthy life.



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