How p90x works

The p90x training workout system is very basic, after you cut out all the fancy backdrops and trainers the system which they use is very simple super set training module.

Often the sessions repeat the exercise on the same group of muscles,

for example the training is completed as shown below, number 1 – 3 sets exercise 20 reps ,

1.bicep curl – 2.hammer curl – 3.alternate curl – 4.bent over knee curl

1.tricep extension – 2.tricep dip – 3.upright row – 4.tricep push up

1.Press up – 2.wide arm press up- 3.close arm press up- 4. incline press up

This is like one of the p90x training DVD systems, as you can see when you put the exercises down on paper you have a very basic routine, every program has a warm up and cool down session with abs workout at the end of every DVD.

I find the filming is very professional and  motivational, you can see most of the money has been spent on location, film crew and props also including the main man himself Tony Horton.

The best thing about the p90x would have to be adding the resistance bands to the training routine, Tony really knows his stuff and has a great way of delivering each workout, making you feel happy and energised.

Only thing that may consider changing would have to be the timing, when you complete 80 minutes training every day for 3 months this takes a lot of time out of your schedual. When  I used the program I would complete the exercise then skip to speed the time up. I took 40 minutes of the workout

p90x will deliver, but saying that any extreme training program that makes you workout for 90 days should give you the same results. Most the p

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