Running with music helps us run clear thoughts

Running is an awesome way to lose weight and gain a complete health with mind and body. Running is the key to ultimate fitness, essential in most sports and a great way to achieve lifetime goals, running a marathon, completing a triathlon are some of the awesome life achievements you can gain.  

A recent research was made looking at effects of music had whilst running,  according to research from Ohio state university. music can give great deliver great benefits to your overall performance.

Running with music can help with rhythm, rhythm is the key to running, you need great rhythm for great breathing, breathing will help you run stronger for longer, replenishing the muscles constantly and continuously.

Beat and rhyme music Enhances Frontal Lobe

The human brain has to work hard to sort out  different tones, various sounds, sequencing  and timing.

When we listen to music the frontal lobe of the brain starts working, this part of the brain that is associated with higher mental functions, like thinking abstract thoughts, or planning for the future.

This is why most runners think more clearly when running, have you ever had a problem and just thought to yourself I just need to go for a run? well this is the reason why, it’s so you can ask questions and receive more clear direct answers.

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