How To Run in Winter

How to run in the winter

When winter arrives the conditions change, the weather becomes our biggest challenge, not many people can endure the outdoor conditions during this period, many people opt for indoor training.

But did you know that that extreme temperatures either very hot or super cold can increase our metabolic rate by 20%. Meaning that outdoor training can be very beneficial to us all. Running in the cold is great exercise for your chest and lungs.

Dangers winter of running

  1. Black ice is one of the biggest dangers we face when running in the winter, it not a good idea to go running in the dark, if so make sure you carry a running light so you can see your running surface.
  2. Plan you route and make sure that you run  shorter distance with more laps, this will make it easier for you to keep well lighted and safe.
  3. Always carry a mobile phone when running, you’ll never know when you’ll need it.
  4. Be Careful running corners, always slow down and shorten the steps when making a turn, short sudden movements can lead to loss of balance and sliding causing injury to yourself.
  5. Make sure all your body parts are covered, always wear underclothing for heat and good waterproof clothing for outer shell for weather protection- gore tex is ideal. Make sure you can visible to drivers, wear some bright clothing and reflectors

Other essential clothing such as gloves, hat, leggings long sleeve jacket, and last of all make sure your running shoes have a good grips!


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