What is speed training

Speed training means training to enhance speed, explosive movement, fast response, rapid accelration changes.

Speed training are the top qualities  a athlete needs, no matter what sports you compete at lateral, linear and vertical movement are essential skills for any champion.

Most people think that the sports stars are born with a gift, when the truth is more they exercise to improve their abilities at that sport making their body react faster and better than others, the skill movements which they use to develop speed training can be stride length, ankle flexion, body positioning and hip alignment.

All these skills can be taught to help maximise the performance, the foot and leg movement are the first steps in the training , then you have to practice  the stability techniques for the torso and trunk followed with the upper body motions to help the movement flow.

Using this format for your training routine can make powerful changes to your overall performance, making you an all round better athlete.

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