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How can you benefit fitness ?












fitness combats disease and health conditions.

Studies have shown that if you workout you are less likely to be sick or suffer from illness, also exercise increases your all important HDL’s  cells, these are the cells are the body’s strength and help us with lowering cholesterol.

Fitness allows you to control your weight better

Cardio fitness is great for reducing the waist line, cardio exercises like running, cycling, rowing etc are great fat busters and the best way to burn calories, helping you get thin and toned. Use interval training to burn fat fast, studies have shown that high intensity training burns twice the amount of fat compared to normal exercising.

fitness gives you more energy

The more you train the more you gain, because of oxygen increase, when we workout we increase our body’s ability to utilise oxygen more efficiently, this helps with the transport of energy and delivers energy to your muscles faster.

Other fitness benefits can help make you feel positive and make you sleep better.

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